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With 18 years of experience in the Education sector, Xplore Colombia is the most important corporation in Colombia specialized in student exchange, study-abroad programs and Educational Tourism for young adults, students, executives, teachers, and world travelers. Our objective is to incorporate the cultural and tourism components of the country together with the corporate and academic sectors, offering a wider view of the many areas of interest that Colombia has to offer.

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[...] His profession has taken him to work in all parts of the world from China, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, the United States, Canada, Central America, Chile and Perú as well as a long tenure in Colombia. He makes his home in Cartagena and is bilingual.

Christian Mejia

Christian Mejía

Christian was born in Barranquilla and is owner of a new English school in the city. He is also General Manager of a prestigious Student Travel Agency on the Colombian coast and has been the driving force for XploreColombia to promote educational travel.

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[...] He has a B.A. in Business Administration from CESA (Bogota), an M.Sc. from Ecole des Mines in Paris and a Masters in Corporate Finance in ESADE Business School in Barcelona. Motivated by his love for Colombia, he will be in charge or providing the best attention during your different activities and trips.

Martha Zúñiga

Martha is a native of Barranquilla an important and vibrant port city on the north coast of Colombia and famous for its music and “carnaval” and home to famous locals like Shakira and Sofia Vergara.

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Martha Zúñiga

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[...] She has spent more than 35 years in the travel and tourism industry, working in sales and international tourism mainly for a major US airline, but more recently as an important impresario in the field of international education for Colombians and the operator of a new English school to promote bilingualism in the country. Passion for her country and her region makes this “costeña” an ideal advocate for educational travel in Colombia and now makes her home in Cartagena.